Tuesday 28 May 2019


Corbynistas are once again fearing for the future of the Great Leader following Labour's latest election humiliation.  Caught between die-hard (mostly southern) Remainers and die-hard (mostly northern) opponents of a second referendum, this could be the straw that breaks Corbyn's back.  His worshippers have initiated the hashtag #CorbynGoesIGo, the implication being that they would abandon the party if the Great Leader departs.

Corbyn's red army are used to getting hashtags trending when the leader is supposedly under threat.  #KeepCorbyn went around when he faced a leadership challenge and #WeAreCorbyn trended last year at the height of the anti-Semitism scandal.  Thankfully, whenever they embark on these social media crusades there are always plenty of right-minded individuals about to rip the piss.  Take this dude Colin.  Colin the Corbynista, no less.  He started a poll with the hashtag #CorbynGoesIGo.  It didn't go the way he envisaged...