Tuesday 7 May 2019


A surprise tweet appeared on Jeremy Corbyn's Twitter feed yesterday, commemorating the twentieth anniversary of the first Scottish Parliament elections.

While Jezza claims Holyrood as a 'Labour' creation, the Scottish Parliament was essentially a New Labour project and therefore something that would normally be disowned by Corbyn's extreme left version of Labour.  Of course there is no mention of New Labour or Blair in his tweet, just a brief clip of Donald Dewar and bold talk of the "next Scottish Labour government".  The video ends with Corbyn shaking hands with inept 'Scottish' Labour leader Richard Leonard.

Corbyn is well aware that Labour is going to take a kicking in some, if not all, parts of the country later this month.  In 2014 it won two European seats in Scotland, but can expect to have that number reduced by half later this month by either the SNP, Lib Dems or Brexit Party.  Appealing to Scots by commemorating a Blairite policy stinks of desperation.

It's not as if Labour has been even remotely successful in Scotland under Corbyn's leadership.  While Labour has been out of power in Scotland since 2007, under Corbyn it has seen its fortunes plummet to an unprecedented low whereby the Conservatives are now the second party in Scotland and the official opposition to the SNP.  The next Scottish Labour government Jeremy?  It may not happen in your lifetime son, or anyone's.