Monday 13 July 2020


The left-wing Joe website has spent the last few days plugging an interview it conducted with Sadiq Khan on Friday.  Hilariously they have chosen to feature an excerpt on their Twitter feed in which Khan lashes out at Boris Johnson and Donald Trump over their attitudes to face masks - while Khan is sat there mask-free.

The backlash put Joe on the defensive and they subsequently went to great lengths to show Khan wearing a mask while he was inside the restaurant chatting to staff.  Responding to criticism from Piers Morgan the interviewer Oli Dugmore tweeted: "Come on Piers, we’re sat outside, 2m apart.  There isn’t a need for one.  Indoors in public you should - and we did".  There's no illusion as to which side of the debate Dugmore is on, but then as a leftist he would side with the likes of Khan and Sturgeon.  Socialists love control and that's what it's all about.

While there's little doubt that wearing masks in enclosed spaces such as trains and taxis is good practice to reduce spread, the push to make them mandatory in shops and restaurants is a slippery slope to making you wear them the moment you leave home.  Face masks should be a choice, not a decree.  We've abided by the lockdown, the virus is in free fall and it's now time our liberties were restored.