Friday 31 July 2020


New lockdown rules for parts of northern England have come into force following spikes in infection rates.  Labour MPs reacted with dismay at the timing with many slamming the government for making the announcement 'in the middle of the night on Twitter'.  Keir Starmer, tweeting at 23:14, was one of those taking aim...

To say that Starmer and co are being disingenuous is putting it mildly.  Matt Hancock began appearing on rolling news channels minutes after he tweeted the announcement at 21:16.  It was subsequently the main story on all the ten o'clock news broadcasts and has again received extensive coverage throughout Friday morning.

If the government hadn't acted so quickly, Starmer and co would be accusing them of dragging their feet.  If they'd have announced it first thing in the morning or midday he would have complained about that timing also.  Captain Hindsight is desperate to attack every decision that's made, especially if it helps to distract from Labour infighting.

Starmer should take note that the Labour Mayor of Greater Manchester has supported the new rules with little criticism of its timing.  Unlike his party leadership, Andy Burnham's approach to dealing with coronavirus has been a lot more considered and congenial throughout the pandemic.  Time to grow up Sir Squeaky?