Tuesday 7 July 2020


In the latest of Steven Edginton's in-depth interviews for The Sun he speaks to the Brexit Party's Claire Fox.  Fox gives her take on Black Lives Matter, speaking as someone who began her political journey as a communist and has over the years held some pretty reprehensible views herself.  Fox says that the BLM movement have sought to stifle people's ability to speak freely and anyone who doesn't toe their line is automatically designated a racist.  One of the tactics they deploy to silence their opponents is the daft notion of 'white privilege', which Fox rubbishes: "How can you have white privilege if you're a homeless white person?"

Fox goes on to demolish the left's divisive agenda and asserts that 'McCarthyite' identity politics is doing immense damage to the cause of fighting racism.  She's not wrong there.  She also discusses the silence over Muslim grooming gangs and says that the fear of being called racist meant that the victims were abandoned by the establishment.  This was in itself a form of racial discrimination against the victims.

Watch the full interview below (1hr 3min)

If you haven't seen Edginton's interview with Douglas Murray on the rise of BLM you can see it here.