Thursday 2 July 2020


While his successor flip-flops on his support for Black Lives Matter, Jeremy Corbyn is in no doubt whose side he's on - the Marxists, naturally.  On Wednesday morning he addressed a small crowd in his Islington North constituency, but his impromptu speech ended in a total muddle.  He told locals they should ensure "the next generation grows up that will not tolerate the kind of treatment that police officers used to kill George Floyd".  Come again?  George Floyd was killed 4,000 miles away in a foreign land by a foreign police force.  What has that got to do with kids growing up in north London?

Corbyn realises how daft he sounds, but manages to bring his floundering final sentence around to the equally wicked UK where he says there is a disproportionate amount of BAME people in prison.  He says things need to change.  What does he suggest - that the courts start sentencing criminals based on their ethnicity?

Wouldn't that be, er, racist Jez?