Wednesday 15 July 2020


The Colston plinth has a new statue, a sculpture of Black Lives Matter
protester Jen Reid who stood on the plinth after Colston was toppled

The erection of a Black Lives Matter sculpture in place of the Colston statue should come as no surprise to anyone.  The Bristol mob has been empowered at every turn ever since Avon and Somerset Police allowed them to topple Colston and drag him down to the harbour.  Despite the incident being filmed and broadcast to the world, the local police have not charged anyone.  An 18-year-old who handed himself in was merely given a caution and absurdly told he must attend a meeting to discuss the future of statuary in Bristol.  So a man who took part in an act of vandalism against one statue gets a say on the future of other statues?  This is a reward, not a punishment.

Following the removal of the Colston statue there followed a blitzkrieg on all references to him across the city.  Street names were painted over and institutions swiftly moved to rename their buildings.  Within four days of the fall of the statue the owners of an office block called 'Colston Tower' removed his name from the building.  One pub changed its name while another hastily covered up its name and erected a Black Lives Matter sign outside as a way to placate the mob and try and protect his business from attack.  Stained glass windows in honour of Colston were removed from one church while the Diocese committed to removing others saying that the toppling of Colston was a "signal for it to act".  Despite Bristol having benefited from the philanthropy of Edward Colston, his name will probably disappear altogether by the end of this year at the behest of a mob.  This is a shameful act of historical revisionism that should concern us all.

Colston Street was one of many vandalised signs in Bristol

The dawn erection of a BLM statue on top of Colston's plinth is the latest episode of this worrying saga.  However, it is not the first time a sculpture has appeared at the site since the toppling.  Last month leftists dumped a sculpture of a white working class male on top of a wheelie bin opposite the Colston plinth.  This vulgar act failed to draw the attention of the national media, but they were there on cue to celebrate the erection of a black power monument in the early hours of Wednesday.  Channel 4 News didn't just turn up to see it erected, they had such advance warning they had made a mini-documentary showcasing its construction with a voice-over from the sculptor.  "In with black power" they announced on Twitter...

Other news channels followed suit with a number of interviews, all of which were supportive of the new statue and all of whom wanted it to stay.  "Hope flows through her" announced the sculptor in an interview with The Guardian.  No, hate flows through her.  That's what Black Lives Matter is built on - hatred and division - although you'd never have known it from the one-sided coverage of the mainstream media.  Their propaganda has been tangible throughout this Marxist insurgency and their gleeful coverage of the new sculpture will only serve to embolden the mob further.

The mainstream media should be careful what they wish for.  CNN in America followed the same pro-BLM narrative and ended up having their headquarters in Atlanta trashed by the mob.  When protests re-erupted several weeks later CNN put up fencing around their building to protect it from the same violence they helped foment.  And for those who think this is just a passing fad for Britain and we will not suffer the same fate as so many US cities have done, this is the incendiary speech a BLM activist gave in London only last weekend...

The protesters have not gone away and we are only half way through our summer.  In addition to the London event there was a huge BLM march in Brighton on Saturday after a black man was restrained by officers in the city last week.  Media coverage of the march conveniently failed to mention that a missing vulnerable teenager had been found at the man's property leading to his arrest.  A Labour councillor who addressed the Brighton crowd told them that white people needed to "challenge our own inevitable racism".  Cllr Nick Childs also condemned capitalism as the source of racism and left the marchers in no doubt that to defeat racism they needed to overthrow capitalism.  These are dangerous people.

It remains to be seen as to how long the new statue stands on Colston's plinth, but Bristol's elected mayor has confirmed that permission was not given for it.  Labour's Marvin Rees did not explicitly state that the new sculpture would be removed, only that the "future of any plinth and any memorial must be decided on by the people of Bristol".  Rees has previously justified the toppling of the Colston statue.  Would he justify the toppling of the BLM statue?  Would Avon and Somerset Police be as forgiving to anyone who attempted to topple it?  It's there illegally after all.  It simply must come down, otherwise the mob will win yet again and who knows where they will go from there and what they will do next.