Wednesday 1 July 2020


In a BBC interview on Tuesday morning Keir Starmer poured scorn on one of the key objectives of Black Lives Matter - the abolition of the police.  Starmer twice referred to the defunding of police as 'nonsense' and twice said he has 'no truck' with the idea.  Despite 'taking the knee' earlier this month alongside his deputy Angela Rayner, he now appears to be backtracking in a cringeworthy u-turn by trying to suggest that the Black Lives Matter movement is not the same as the organisation Black Lives Matter.

Starmer wasn't the only one backtracking on Tuesday.  Football's Premier League released a similarly convoluted statement, again trying to suggest that the movement and the organisation were somehow separate.  The Premier League went slightly further than Starmer and suggested that 'groups' had hijacked Black Lives Matter to 'promote their own political views'.  No, sorry folks, you've made your bed.  Now lie in it.

Black Lives Matter was founded way back in 2013 by a bunch of Marxists and has been sowing hate and division ever since.  If us mere mortals can see it then you don't get to back out of your responsibility by claiming naivety.  The name on the back of the footballers' shirts is the name of the organisation that drives the movement.  They are not divisible, they are one and the same.  Suck it up now, you own it.