Monday 20 July 2020


The 'darling of the left' is a title generally bestowed on a loser.  It is someone who the left aspire to one day become a great leader, but who is destined to languish in opposition.  Zarah Sultana is the current occupant of the title and, like her predecessor Laura Pidcock, no-one outside the left-wing bubble takes her seriously.

In any other circumstances Sultana would never have been selected, but the loony left were running the show in 2019.  At the next election she could find herself following in the footsteps of Pidcock by serving just one term.  Whereas Pidcock had an almost 9,000 majority going into her December 12 defeat, Sultana will be defending a paltry majority of 401 going into the next election.  Given her dedication to overseas causes that don't concern the overwhelming majority of her constituents, perhaps she will also be consigned to the scrapheap of left-wing darlings.  Best not tell Howard Beckett that - he thinks she's a future PM.

The semi-literate Beckett is favourite to take over from Len McCluskey as Unite's next general secretary.  McCluskey is reportedly stepping down next year and if Beckett's glowing endorsement of Sultana is anything to go by then the union could be headed for yet another red at the head.