Tuesday 7 July 2020


Keir Starmer has mocked Dominic Cummings during a visit to a London pub.  The Brewdog brewery recently released a brand called the 'Barnard Castle Eye Test' and Sir Squeaky was only too happy to pose with a can (see below).

Starmer was visiting the brewer's pub in Tower Hill alongside shadow minister Lucy Powell, ostensibly to thank them for their part in the national effort against Covid-19.  The Scottish brewer had commendably made free hand sanitiser during the crisis, funded in part by the Cummings-inspired brew.  Starmer also used his visit to make a promo video urging the government to focus on protecting businesses in the looming recession.  Looking at one of the photos from his visit Brewdog will certainly be one of those going under if they repeat these bar prices north of Watford - £7.20 for half a pint!

Lucy Powell and Keir Starmer at Brewdog in Tower Hill