Tuesday 21 July 2020


Keir Starmer in Gedling last week

Last week Keir Starmer visited Gedling in Nottinghamshire and sat outside in a park where he chatted to several care workers.  Despite being outdoors and socially distanced, Sir Squeaky wore a full face visor like some of those he was with.  Less than a week later he was back in the Midlands, this time visiting a school and a college in Coventry.  However, these visits were both indoors and face coverings were nowhere to be seen (see pictures below).

Starmer was joined on his visit by Labour MPs Liam Byrne and Kate Green, neither of whom were wearing face masks either.  For a party that is so enthusiastic about mandatory face coverings (except in Wales, for now) this all looked rather odd considering just a few days ago Starmer was wearing a full face visor - outdoors.