Thursday 30 July 2020


Grime artist Wiley appeared on Sky News yesterday to discuss his infamous anti-Semitic rantings and although his interview was heavily edited it suggests that he really is as unhinged as his Twitter meltdown suggests.  He repeatedly justifies his actions and doubles down, becoming highly animated and almost aggressive when faced with fairly innocuous questioning.  Anyone who refers to their own fans as 'fickle' has clearly lost the plot.  He points in his interviewer's face and declares: "I'm 41 years old".  Well, in this interview he behaves more like a spoilt ten-year-old.  Astonishing footage, watch below.

In our report on Wiley's Twitter outburst we mentioned that Jeremy Corbyn had quietly cut ties with Wiley on social media.  This only made the mainstream news yesterday, four days after we reported it.  That's poor journalism, but by far the worst of yesterday's Wiley-related news coverage was seen in The Guardian.  Hilariously the newspaper published an article on its website condemning online racism, but used a photograph of British rapper Kano - mistaking him for Wiley.  The icing on the cake of their faux pas was the fact the article had been written by smug tit Owen Jones.

The Guardian rectified the error an hour later and replaced Kano's image for Wiley's.  It has since issued multiple apologies, as has the author (see video below).  Proper cringe from the left-wing rag that supports the toppling of slave traders while founded on the proceeds of the slave trade!