Friday 7 May 2021


While Jeremy Corbyn stayed out of the limelight on Friday, John McDonnell did the media rounds to lend his view of the election disaster.  Across his interviews he put across the same broad message and it was a valid one - it's one thing for Starmer to declare his a 'new leadership', but he ought to really let people in on what it is that makes it new and different.  McDonnell argued that Labour activists were sent into battle for this election essentially 'naked', with not a single party policy on which to promote their cause.

Here he is speaking to LBC's Shelagh Fogarty.

McDonnell went on to defend Corbyn's policies, suggesting that they were not only popular, but the Tories are now implementing some of them.  Unfortunately, on that basis, if Starmer moves to the left as McDonnell would like to see - they will already be outflanked by the most left-wing Tory Party in history!

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