Friday 7 May 2021


While his colleagues have kept a calm head, crazed Labour peer Andrew Adonis has called for Keir Starmer to go.  Even the far left wing of the party has so far refrained from agitating for a new leader, but Blairite Adonis is sounding off dire warnings this election could 'be the end'.  Adonis had been a Starmer supporter prior to this election.

Speaking to Andrew Pierce, Adonis suggests that a 'right-wing populist movement' could rise up if Labour continues its decline.  A viable third party is desperately needed to boost our democracy, but naturally Adonis sees this as a bad thing.

Click below for the clip.

Adonis is not holding back, even if he's got virtually no support within the party.  So far today he has appeared on BBC News, Channel 4 News and has even managed to write an article for The Times, not to mention his incessant tweeting.

The peer has been mocked by some Brexiteers for suggesting that Labour needs to 'listen to the voters', considering he did everything but listen to the voters following the 2016 Leave vote.  He is one of very few Labour figures who continue to ignore that mandate and demand Britain rejoins the EU.  Does he not realise that one of the key factors in Labour's decline is primarily that sneering elitist Remainer attitude?

Going by his latest tweets, he does not.

Labour's 'natural supporters' used to be the working class.  The clue's in the name dickhead.  If the Labour Party is now the natural home of woke middle class Remainers, which it is, then Andy you are welcome to watch it sink without trace north of Watford.

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