Saturday 15 May 2021


Unite's Howard Beckett has defended himself against accusations of racism following his absurd tweet in which he called for Priti Patel and other 'racists' to be deported.  Beckett spoke to Sky's Adam Boulton this morning and claimed that the Home Secretary's Indian heritage played no part in his use of language.

During the interview he repeatedly referred to Home Office policy as 'racist', although he failed to provide any evidence for this. Let's be clear, an illegal immigrant can come in any shape, colour or form.  There is nothing 'racist' about removing people who are in this country illegally.  This is the lie of the left.  The people who surrounded that Home Office van in Glasgow were waving placards that read 'refugees welcome', but the men were not refugees, nor - as Beckett stated in one of his tweets, and this interview - had they fled a war zone.

Beckett says that the Labour Party should speak for working class people, but he does not.  An open borders policy like the one he espouses will only make life worse for working class people.

The full Sky News piece, including Beckett's interview, can be seen below.

Incidentally, despite the emotive words of senior left-wing politicians in Scotland, it has now been revealed that the men detained in Glasgow on Thursday were not even Muslims.  Nicola Sturgeon, Humza Yousef and Labour's Anas Sarwar had all made capital out of the timing of the arrests, having fallen on Eid, but it turns out that both men are actually Sikhs.  One could argue that such a sweeping generalisation of Asian people is also in itself a racist attitude.  What say you wee nippy?