Friday 14 May 2021


Labour frontbencher Wes Streeting has revealed he is to undergo treatment for kidney cancer.  Streeting had been in his new shadow cabinet role for barely five days, but is now understandably taking time off.  He posted the following video to his social media accounts this morning.

Wes is one of the lucky ones.  Thousands of others will have missed out on early diagnoses due to cancellations and delays as a result of the scandalous NHS preoccupation with Covid-19.  Even before the second wave hit, the British Medical Journal referred to cancer deaths as a 'pandemic' in their own right.  And yet there is no mention of such deaths when it comes to talk of an inquiry into handling of the pandemic - whether they be from cancer, suicide, alcohol or other indirect consequences.

In the eyes of government, media and big tech - coronavirus deaths are the only ones that matter.