Monday 17 May 2021


The absurd knee gesture in British football has gone on for nearly twelve months now.  Why has it endured?  Because there haven't been any fans in the stadiums to voice their disapproval.  Of course there was that brief return in December for some fans in the south of England - and immediately there were boos across several grounds, albeit the media honed in on Millwall to distract attention from wider discontent.  However, there were no Millwall bogeymen to blame when fans returned for the FA Cup final on Saturday.

As the players of Chelsea and Leicester City dropped to their knees, the boos could be heard in front rooms around the world.  The woke middle-class lockdown-loving Twitterati lost their minds, but for the silent majority who exist in working class communities up and down this land it came as no surprise whatsoever.  And this is only a microcosm remember.  These are half-empty stadiums speaking up in volume - imagine the roar if tens of thousands of like-minded punters fill the grounds.

The sooner all fans are allowed back in, the sooner this hideous Marxist gesture will end.