Saturday 8 May 2021


Like Labour in Wales, the SNP have fallen one seat short of an overall majority.  However, Nicola Sturgeon has vowed to forge ahead with another independence referendum, pointing out that not only has the SNP been returned as the largest party, but along with the pro-independence Greens there is an overall majority for independence.

However, the SNP's failure to achieve a majority in its own right will provide ammunition to Boris Johnson and the Unionist cause.  While the SNP and Greens can form a majority inside Holyrood, the combined vote share for both parties falls slightly short of the combined vote share received by Unionist parties.  What this election has confirmed is that support for independence and support for the Union is a very fine divide.

Holyrood Election 2021

Scottish National Party 64 (+1)
Conservative 31 (n/c)
Labour 22 (-2)
Green 8 (+2)
Liberal Democrat 4 (-1)

There was little change in the vote share of each party for this election, the biggest change was in the regional list share for the Greens, who were up 1.8 per cent.  Labour's vote share was down 1 per cent across both constituencies and the list vote.

For Scottish constituency results click here.

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