Wednesday 12 May 2021


Tony Blair's appearance on Good Morning Britain today was by his own words to promote two things - Covid vaccines and his opinion of the Labour crisis.  Despite one fairly wide-ranging question from Susannah Reid on both vaccines and vaccine passports, we never got to hear his dystopian world view on the latter as she was clearly in a hurry to move on to the Labour mess.  Sandwiched between Blair and his old pal Alastair Campbell, Susannah boldly raised the spectre of Iraq and pushed Blair repeatedly on the issue.  She is clearly enjoying her newfound freedom to speak, following the departure of the odious Piers Morgan.

Blair repeatedly (and correctly) referred to the Corbyn wing of the party as 'far left', but he drew a similar conclusion to that of John McDonnell ie. that Keir Starmer had not set out an agenda.  When Campbell implored Blair to answer why it is that Boris Johnson remains so stubbornly popular, Blair's answer inadvertently spelled out another glaring problem that Starmer has:  "It's clear what people see in him, he's his own person.  He's a character.  When people say to me, how can the Americans support Donald Trump - it's the same thing".  Starmer, on the other hand, has the personality of a brick.

The full interview can be seen below, that is, if you can stomach the grinning personification of evil for 16 minutes.

Separately, Alastair Campbell made a huge gaffe elsewhere on Wednesday's show by accidentally referring to the 'death of the Queen' instead of Prince Philip.  A voice in his earpiece urgently requested he apologise for the slip-up.

Campbell is just three days into the job, news of which will have drawn a collective sigh from many who were overjoyed to see the back of the sanctimonious Morgan.  This really is a case of be careful what you wish for.