Saturday 8 May 2021


Incumbent James Palmer (left) was defeated by Labour's Nik Johnson (right) in a
tight final round run-off

Labour have scored another surprise result, this time in the mayoral contest for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.  James Palmer had won the inaugural contest in 2017 with a fairly easy run-off against the Lib Dem candidate.  This time Palmer again won the first round, but was defeated on second preference votes in the run-off against the Labour candidate.

UKIP, the Greens, English Democrats did not contest this time, nor did independents.

Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Mayor (Lab GAIN from Con)

James Palmer (Con) 93,942 (40.5%) +2.5%
Nik Johnson (Lab) 76,106 (32.8%) +14.2%
Aidan Van der Weyer (LDem) 61,885 (26.7%) -3.2%

Final Round

Nik Johnson (Lab) 51.3%
James Palmer (Con) 48.7%

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