Thursday 27 May 2021


On Sunday 13 June at 20:00 the much anticipated GB News will launch with a programme entitled: 'Welcome to GB News'.  Andrew Neil's venture looks set to feature a variety of programmes hosted by individuals that the lamestream media has either discarded or wouldn't touch with a bargepole.  For the first time a news channel will feature lockdown scepticism as an opinion worthy of attention instead of derision.  Woke political correctness and BBC terms such as 'fisher people' will be challenged instead of embraced.  The msm protection racket will finally face some real competition and the mainstream news narrative will, it is hoped, face scrutiny at last.

The left are tearing their hair out about this station with good reason.  Tonight Live will feature straight-talking lockdown sceptic Dan Wootton, Free Speech Nation will feature Andrew Doyle, the brains behind the woke parody Titania McGrath, Reform UK's Michelle Dewberry will host Dewbs and Co, former Brexit Party MEP Alex Phillips will co-host McCoy & Phillips, while Andrew Neil will also host his own show.  Meanwhile, the legend that is Neil Oliver - critic of all things lockdown, SNP, woke and BLM - will host Neil Oliver Live.

GB News will be housed on the following channels:

Freeview and YouView 236
Sky 515
Virgin 626
Freesat 216

GB News will also stream 24/7 on YouTube.

Let's hope it all lives up to the hype and presents a real mainstream alternative to the woke left bias of the lockdown channels.