Monday 3 May 2021


The Tony Blair Institute has called for the current lockdown to be extended into July.  In an article posted on its website last week entitled 'Ahead of the Curve', the co-authors recommend that the final stages of the government's road map should be delayed by four weeks.  They argue that such an extension is required in order to prevent the deadly 'third wave' that SAGE have predicted.  The delay in unlocking would allow the vaccination programme to 'catch up' and avert up to 40,000 deaths in a 'summer surge'.

The main problem here is that the authors are using a SAGE model in order to argue their case.  The dire predictions of Whitty, Vallance and co have always fallen well short during the course of the pandemic.  And what of the vaccines?  If they are as effective as we have been told then a 'third wave' is literally impossible.  All the at risk groups have been vaccinated and remember that these groups are called 'at risk' for a reason - they are the ones at risk from the virus.

The Blair authors say that the vaccination programme is lagging behind the unlocking, because all adults have yet to be offered a jab.  If anything, it is ahead of the unlocking for the precise reason that those at risk have been fully vaccinated.  A 'surge' in virus deaths post-lockdown makes no sense whatsoever, given that people under the age of 60 with no underlying health conditions represent barely 0.1 per cent of fatalities.  There was no such surge when the UK unlocked last summer and crucially there was no vaccine then, either.

What is really going on here?  Neither of the co-authors have any medical qualifications.  Ian Mulheirn and David Britto are economists - global economists to be precise.  That word 'global' comes up a lot if you dig just a little bit, but then the full title of Blair's organisation is the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.  Blair himself is a member of the World Economic Forum, the influential hosts of Davos and exponents of the Great Reset - an initiative that aims to exploit the pandemic in order to create a dystopian new world in which private ownership is restricted to decision makers and citizens become dependent on and ultimately controlled by those decision makers.  If that sounds like communism, that's because it is.  Pre-pandemic, the Great Reset was known as the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution'.

One of Blair's comrades at the World Economic Forum is Sir Jeremy Farrar.  He also chairs the Wellcome Trust, a global health research charity that has invested heavily in pharmaceutical companies that means it will profit directly from the pandemic.  Therefore, he could directly profit from expanding the vaccine roll-out to young adults and children - as proposed by Blair's co-authors, recommended by SAGE and now scheduled to begin in September.  Finally, Farrar just happens to be a member of SAGE.  Coincidence?

It's not difficult to join the dots.