Tuesday 18 May 2021


At first glance the following tweet seems to be some sort of wind-up.  If these dodgy photos are real then surely this 'major art project' is the work of a young child?  Nope, the tweet is real and the artist is 83-year-old David Hockney.  What an astonishing level of crap.

Khan's 'Let's Do London' campaign is aimed at bringing in much needed tourism this summer.  He's thrown £7 million at the project, but his choice of 'art' is likely to attract only ridicule and embarrassment.  Local artists are in uproar.  Some of them have showcased alternatives of their own, angry that Khan commissioned a geriatric millionaire Yorkshireman to come up with total shite.

Paul Joseph Watson discusses Hockney's absurd creation in his latest video (watch below).

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