Thursday 13 May 2021


Jeremy Corbyn has hit out at his Blairite detractors in an interview with Robert Peston.  Corbyn says that blaming him for Labour's election disaster is 'a bit rich' and 'a bit weak'.  Ironically, he began that sentence by saying:  "I'm big and grown up and I don't particularly care what people say".

He also criticised the timing and motivation of Starmer's reshuffle.

With things kicking off in the Middle East again, Corbyn was keen to plug his Peace and Justice Project, as seen in the background.  Unlike Tony Blair, he hasn't managed to squeeze his own name into his post-leadership vanity project, although the web address is  There is also a prank website here.

Earlier this week Corbyn addressed an angry crowd in London waving Palestinian flags.  For a man claiming to be invested in peace, it's clear whose side he's on.

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