Monday 10 May 2021


Richard Burgon has clashed with Lord Blunkett over the party's attitude to working class voters and the merits of wokery.  Burgon was asked about recent comments by his party colleague Khalid Mahmood, who said that the party had been captured by 'university graduates with woke politics'.  Burgon's response pretty much summed up why Labour continue to fail, as he leapt to the defence of woke students and sneered at voters for failing to understand the benefits of woke politics.  Dear oh dear.

Blunkett disagreed with his fellow Yorkshireman's assessment of what wokery meant and linked the word instead to political extremists attacking statues, something that was being used to tar the Labour 
Party.  Clearly this was a reference to the Labour left's embrace of BLM violence.  Burgon then hit back at his Blairite opponent with a fierce rebuke of Keir Starmer's leadership, referring to 'shallow flag-waving' and posing for photos 'eating fish and chips and drinking beer'.  Burgon looked very pleased with himself having got the final word in.

This is a prime example of how Labour is going to tear itself apart in the months and, potentially, years to come.