Friday 7 May 2021


Labour have held the first of the elected mayoral contests to be announced.  Ros Jones held Doncaster with a reduced majority.  In the 2017 mayoral election Jones won outright with 50.9 per cent of the vote.  This time round she required a final round run-off in which second preference votes are counted.

Doncaster Mayor

Ros Jones (Lab) 27,669 (43.3%) -7.6%
James Vincent Hart (Con) 17,980 (28.2%) +7.0%
​​Frank Lloyd Calladine (Ind) 5,166 (8.1%) New
Andy Budden (Yorks) 4,073 (6.4%) +1.4%
​​Joan Briggs (Ind) 3,904 (6.1%) New
​​Warren Peter Draper (Green) 3,370 (5.3%) New
​​Surjit Singh Duhre (Reform) 1,012 (1.6%) New

Final Round

Ros Jones (Lab) 59.8%
James Vincent Hart (Con) 40.2%

This result provides further evidence that many Labour voters are switching directly to the Conservatives.

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