Saturday 8 May 2021


Labour's victorious Dan Norris (left) and Samuel Williams of the Tories

A shock result has been declared for the West of England mayor.  The Conservatives were expected to hold here, but Labour have taken the post after a run-off.  The incumbent mayor, Tim Bowles, retired ahead of the election.

UKIP did not contest this time round, nor did any independents.

West of England Mayor (Lab GAIN from Con)

Dan Norris (Lab) 84,434 (33.4%) +6.1%
Samuel Williams (Con) 72,415 (28.6%) +1.3%
Jerome Thomas (Green) 54,919 (21.7%) +10.5%
Stephen Williams (LDem) 41,193 (16.3%) -3.9%

Final Round

Dan Norris (Lab) 59.5% 
Samuel Williams (Con) 40.5%

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