Thursday 6 May 2021


Cllr Rachael Ellis

A doorbell camera in Nottinghamshire has caught a sitting Labour councillor stealing a Tory leaflet as she campaigned for the council elections in England.  Cllr Rachael Ellis represents the Bestwood St Albans ward of Gedling Borough Council and was delivering leaflets in nearby Arnold.  In the footage she is seen to remove a leaflet from the letterbox and replace it with her own.

Watch below.

The homeowner emailed the doorbell footage to his local Tory MP Tom Randall.  Randall shared the footage to his Facebook page and confirmed that the culprit was Cllr Ellis.

In addition to her council position, Ellis is also a justice of the peace - making her behaviour all the more mortifying.  She is not up for re-election this time as she has another two years left on her current term, but was campaigning on behalf of party colleagues.  Her Twitter page is currently locked down, although it's not clear if this is as a result of her misdemeanour.  A Labour spokesman told The Sun: "The Labour Party issues strict election campaigning guidelines to all of our members".  Does this not include "Thou shalt not pilfer rival's leaflets"?