Monday 17 May 2021


The second Worldwide Freedom Rally took place on Saturday in towns and cities around the globe.  One of the participants in the Bristol rally was none other than Rod Humphris, the lockdown sceptic pub landlord who famously barred Keir Starmer last month.  In an eight minute address, Rod repeated some of the cold hard facts that he had tried to get across to Starmer before he was rudely dismissed.  He also described the avalanche of positive feedback he received following his run-in with the Labour leader.  Watch below.

For more speeches from the Bristol rally please visit Tyrant Finder UK.

What Rod didn't discuss during his speech was the Open For All initiative, of which he is a signatory.  Open For All is a movement for the likes of licensees, performers and event managers who pledge not to engage in the roll out of vaccine passports.  Similar initiatives are being organised in the Irish Republic and other nations threatened by this dystopian control measure.  The UK website is in its infancy, but hopefully it will morph into a more organised directory of freedom-loving institutions around the country.

Bless you Rod.