Friday 7 May 2021


Starmer supporter Steve Reed is among the Labour moderates who are laying the blame for the ongoing election car crash at the feet of Jeremy Corbyn.  The frontbencher told Sky News this morning that voters didn't 'yet understand' that the party was now different to the one they rejected in 2019.  Just a reminder that this sneering response is coming from a London MP in support of another London MP, while blaming another London MP.

Reed also appeared to take aim at Corbyn's predecessors: "People like Keir.  For the first time in many years, actually, we have a leader that people can see as an alternative prime minister".  His frontbench colleague Ed Miliband will have raised an eyebrow at that statement.

Click below for the clip.

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  1. I have to agree. Corbyn's many, many failings led the public to distrust him and it has rubbed off. Starmer's record of NOT dealing with child abusing, labour voting gentlemen of a certain religious persuasion when he was in office; his taking the knee for a violent American group over the death (in America) of a violent criminal and his two faced behaviour over the Union Flag reminds us so much of Corbynism. Add to that his ranting about the money spent on decorating No 10 when we have so many far more important National issues and you can see why the public still don't trust him. He also almost needs to photoshop the strings coming from his back and leading straight to the ultra left Momentum (a reincarnation of the Communist Party?) and the Trades Unions. Who would trust him?