Monday 17 May 2021


Labour's Zarah Sultana addresses a protest in Coventry

The viral video of a convoy of cars blaring out vile anti-Semitic abuse in Jewish neighbourhoods of London yesterday has been widely condemned across the political spectrum - apart from those on the far left, naturally.  While Johnson, Starmer and their front bench colleagues were tweeting words of condemnation, there was silence from the likes of Corbyn, McDonnell, Burgon and Abbott.

Many MPs on the hard left participated directly in the protests over the weekend.  They gave passionate speeches, whipping up the mob into a frenzy of hate and fury.  If President Trump was responsible for the Capitol riot, these firebrand leftists are responsible for the flag-burning and missile throwing outside the Israeli embassy.

Labour MPs Bell Ribeiro-Addy, Zarah Sultana and Apsana Begum at the
London protest

Zarah Sultana was a busy girl in particular and addressed two protests - one in Coventry on Saturday and one in London on Sunday.  Her brief London speech consisted of a four minute rant, during which she screeched so loudly she almost lost her voice (watch below).

It was quite a performance from the young MP, but one wonders how her constituents feel about her efforts.  It's a safe bet that most of them are more concerned about their own employment prospects, the economy, holidays and travel.  Screaming about solidarity with besieged Palestinians is not exactly 'standing up for Coventry South' and the voters are likely to respond appropriately at the next election.

Also addressing pro-Palestine/anti-Israel protests over the weekend were Sultana's colleagues Diane Abbott, Apsana BegumRichard Burgon, Bell Ribeiro-AddyNadia Whittome and Beth Winter.  Jeremy Corbyn has been greeted by adoring crowds at several demos in the past week, as far north as Oxford no less.  While he talks about 'peace', the response from the crowd is anything but peaceful.  The flag burning and violence rarely begins before the speeches, but it flows directly from the emotive words of these far left speakers.  Likewise, protesters didn't march to the Israeli embassy as a first port of call - that decision was made after the speeches had finished.  It's no coincidence.

The silence from these speakers after whipping up an angry mob says it all.