Sunday 9 May 2021


In the early hours of Sunday morning the Bristol result was declared and Labour's Marvin Rees was re-elected after a surprise run-off.  The Conservatives were expected to challenge Rees, but were overtaken by the Green candidate.  Rees then beat the Green candidate in the run-off.

Rees has overseen the ongoing removal of place names that have links to the slave trade, including the tearing down of the Colston statue last year, which he condoned.  Sadiq Khan is hoping to emulate him in London with his controversial Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm.  Both men now have renewed mandates to continue their work.  Interesting to note that the far left Green Party were second-placed here.

UKIP did not contest this time, nor did several independents.

Bristol Mayor (Lab HOLD)

Marvin Rees (Lab) 50,510 (36.3%) -4.1%
Sandy Hore-Ruthven (Green) 36,331 (26.1%) +19.0%
​​Alastair Watson (Con) 25,816 (18.6%) +4.6%
​​Caroline Gooch (LDem) 15,517 (11.2%) +5.4%
Sean Donnelly (Ind) 4,956 (3.6%) New
​​Tom Baldwin (TUSC) 3,194 (2.3%) +1.0%
​​John Langley (Ind) 1,528 (1.1%) +0.7%
​​Robert Clarke (Reform) 806 (0.6%) New
​​Oska Shaw (Ind) 389 (0.3%) New

Final Round

Marvin Rees (Lab) 56.5%
Sandy Hore-Ruthven (Green) 43.5%

Turnout was 41.2%

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