Monday 10 May 2021


Lord Blunkett has confessed to having breached one of the government's dystopian lockdown rules.  The former Blairite minister admitted to having embraced his wife's newborn granddaughter recently and declared:  "I don't really need the Great Leader's permission to cuddle a baby".  Here here.  But having said that, we are in no doubt that given the same opportunities afforded this government, the Blair regime - of which Blunkett was a key figure - would have wasted little time in stripping away such liberties.  And then some.

In fact when Blunkett was home secretary he described the concept of freedom thus: "We could live in a world which is airy fairy, libertarian, where everybody does precisely what they like and we believe the best of everybody and then they destroy us".  It has also been claimed that he once told the head of the prison service to deploy the army and 'machine gun' rioters at Lincoln Prison.

So if you watch the clip below, please don't feel that Blunkett is some kind of libertarian lockdown sceptic.  He's a hypocrite and a fraud.

Hug who you want, when you want.  No politician should ever have been given this much control in the first place.