Saturday 8 May 2021


Most of the remaining results are expected to be declared on Saturday.  By tonight we should have a full picture for Scotland and Wales, although some of the bigger mayoral elections could take longer.  The London mayoral result is not expected to be declared any earlier than tonight.

While Labour have been thumped in England, they have faired much better in Wales.  They have won 30 seats so far and are unlikely to pick up any more.  This is one short of a majority, but they have managed to avoid having to go into a coalition with Plaid Cymru.  In the last Senedd election they relied on the solitary Lib Dem MS to prop them up.  The Lib Dems were not expected to win any seats this time, but they picked up a seat overnight in the regional PR list.

For Wales constituency votes please click here.

In Scotland things are potentially even more depressing with the separatists likely to get a majority, even if it means an SNP-Green coalition.  Both parties favour independence.  There is plenty of evidence that Unionist voters have been voting wisely in order to stop the SNP - by voting for the best-placed Unionist party - but sadly not enough have been willing to hold their noses and lend their votes accordingly.  Boris Johnson may well have a constitutional fight on his hands after this election.

For Scottish constituency results please click here.

The devolved election pages will be updated throughout Saturday.

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