Saturday 8 May 2021


Sadiq Khan has been re-elected mayor of London following a final round run-off against Shaun Bailey.  The result was much closer than many opinion polls had predicted.

Khan's victory speech was as vacuous as his term in office.  He would not refer to his nearest rival by name and spoke of an 'overwhelming mandate' despite the fact his majority was slashed by more than 100,000.

The last placed candidate, Valerie Brown, was arrested on Saturday morning in relation to an act of vandalism at the London offices of The Guardian newspaper.  On Friday a man sprayed the facade of the offices with pink paint and Brown was held on suspicion of conspiracy to commit criminal damage.  Her party - Burning Pink - is thought to be a front for Extinction Rebellion.

London Mayor (Lab HOLD)

Sadiq Khan (Lab) 1,013,721 (40.0%) -4.2%
Shaun Bailey (Con) 893,051 (35.3%) +0.3%
Siân Berry (Green) 197,976 (7.8%) +3.0%
Luisa Porritt (LDem) 111,716 (4.4%) -0.2%
Niko Omilana (Ind) 49,628 (2.0%) New
Laurence Fox (Reclaim) 47,634 (1.9%) New
Brian Rose (LRP) 31,111 (1.2%) New
Richard Hewison (Rejoin) 28,012 (1.1%) New
Count Binface (Binface) 24,775 (1.0%) New
Mandu Reid (WEP) 21,182 (0.8%) -1.2%
Piers Corbyn (LLL) 20,604 (0.8%) New
Vanessa Hudson (AWP) 16,826 (0.7%) New
Peter Gammons (UKIP) 14,393 (0.6%) -3.0%
Farah London (Ind) 11,869 (0.5%) New
David Kurten (Heritage) 11,025 (0.4%) New
Nims Obunge (Ind) 9,682 (0.4%) New
Steve Kelleher (SDP) 8,764 (0.3%) New
Kam Balayev (Renew) 7,734 (0.3%) New
Max Fosh (Ind) 6,309 (0.2%) New
Valerie Brown (Pink) 5,305 (0.2%) New
Final Round 

Sadiq Khan (Lab) 55.2%
Shaun Bailey (Con) 44.8%

Turnout was 42.2 per cent, down 3.1 per cent on 2016.

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  1. As much as I hate the conservatives how did citizen Khan get reelected again