Monday 3 May 2021


The day after the Foreign Secretary admitted that some restrictions may stay in place after June 21, there has been one coronavirus death reported across the UK.  One.

Oddly, at the time of writing the government's coronavirus dashboard has not been updated with today's statistics.  Usually the dashboard is updated around 16:00, but as of 19:00 it was still showing yesterday's figures.  Today's statistics were tweeted by Public Health England.

One Covid death is the lowest recorded since March 2020.


The government's coronavirus dashboard was updated at 19:32, around three and a half hours later than usual.  A somewhat baffling note was attached which read: "Latest deaths data not available below UK level.  Due to an issue with processing of deaths data today, the latest data other than the UK figure is not available.  This will be updated in the next release".

That garbled statement makes about as much sense as prolonging the lockdown and/or maintaining and introducing additional restrictions beyond June 21.  Enough is enough.