Monday 9 December 2019


It wasn't exactly a record week on Facebook, but we certainly enjoyed a significant increase in both reach and engagement.  Ironically enough Labour supporters themselves had a hand in this as they flooded our page on Friday night following the final head-to-head TV debate.  They hijacked a poll we ran and this clocked up almost 50,000 votes, causing them great amusement.  Here's hoping they aren't laughing following the real poll on Thursday!

No donations last week (again), but we had a little bit of sponsorship money.  If you can find a spare couple of quid in what is understandably a tight month please donate via PayPal here or click the donate button on the right hand side of the page.


494,542 total page views (+8,307)


96,022 likes (+575)
101,648 follows (+636)

8,025 most shared post (+1,702)
35 number of posts

2,557,591 post reach (+606,891)
952,769 post engagement (+541,779)

Facebook (backup page)

5,105 likes (+395)
5,417 follows (+421)


827 followers (+32)


226 subscribers (+4)

Figures correct at time of publishing.