Monday 2 December 2019


Ken Livingstone caused a bit of a scene on the Jubilee line in London this morning.  Passengers are not meant to obstruct train doors when they are closing, but Red Ken appeared to have arrived late and stuck his foot in the door in an attempt to get on.  He then became involved in a struggle with a member of staff while bemused commuters looked on.  "You're Ken Livingstone, you should know better than this" the staff member is heard, while Livingstone protests "Let me get on!" and accuses the man of trying to push him over.

Commuters were not best pleased with the behaviour of their former mayor, with one tweeting:  "Ken Livingstone decided to hold up our train because he purposely stuck his foot in when the door was blatantly closing.  Now I’m going to be late for work".  It seems that the arrogance and stupidity of the former Labour politician ended up making everybody late!


A lot of people on our Facebook page are calling this 'fake news' and that the individual involved is not really Ken.  A swift Google search would have saved them some embarrassment.  The story is all over the news and Red Ken has confirmed it, telling the Daily Mail that it was 'accidental':  "Why would I deliberately - a 74-year-old man with arthritis in his knees - want to have his foot trapped in the door?  It happens.  You often get caught by the doors closing on you. But I have never in all my life using the Tube not known the driver to immediately open the door".  What utter bullshit!