Monday 9 December 2019


Labour candidate Jackie Schneider

Labour's candidate for Wimbledon in south-west London was busy campaigning over the weekend.  Brexit-hating Jackie Schneider is looking to capitalise on the huge 71% Remain vote in the constituency to unseat the incumbent Tory - Stephen Hammond.  However, she'll have her work cut out as the Lib Dems also have their eye on this seat and the Greens have stood aside to give them a free run.  On Saturday Schneider and her team were parading an open borders banner around the constituency (see below).  This is sure to have gone down well with local Conservative voters, giving them even more determination to vote this Thursday.  It probably won't have gone down too well with many Labour voters either, after-all the workers are the first to suffer as a result of open door migration!  Muppets.

Jackie Schneider (centre)

Wimbledon candidates 2019

Stephen Hammond (Con)
Jackie Schneider (Lab)
Paul Kohler (Lib Dem)
Graham Hadley (Ind)

Wimbledon general election 2017

Stephen Hammond (Con) 23,946 (46.5%) -5.6%
Imran Uddin (Lab) 18,324 (35.6%) +9.6%
Carl Quilliam (Lib Dem) 7,472 (14.5%) +1.8%
Charles Barraball (Green) 1,231 (2.4%) -1.7%
Strachan McDonald (UKIP) 553 (1.1%) -4.0%