Wednesday 11 December 2019


The scene of the Chelsea Barracks bomb explosion

"If Jeremy Corbyn won't condemn the IRA for what they've done, he's actually condoning what they've done to me and what they've done to other members of the Armed Forces and many, many civilian families in Northern Ireland".
(John Radley, survivor of the Chelsea Barracks bombing)

On 10th of October 1981 the Provisional IRA parked a van bomb outside a British Army barracks in London.  Their intended target was a bus load of soldiers.  When the remote-controlled nail bomb exploded, more than a dozen soldiers inside the bus were injured, several of them seriously.  They all survived the blast, but two passers-by were not so lucky.  59-year-old widower Nora Field was killed almost instantly after a six inch nail struck her chest.  18-year-old John Breslin died from his injuries three days later.  The coronor later told the inquest that the bomber would have had a clear view of the scene when he detonated the bomb, in full knowledge that there would be civilian casualties.

One of the survivors of the atrocity yesterday condemned Jeremy Corbyn and his reluctance to condemn what the IRA did.  John Radley, a former Irish Guardsman, said he's voted Labour in the past and he comes from a traditional Labour-voting family.  He won't be voting for them tomorrow.  Watch below.