Monday 2 December 2019


Labour frontbencher Barry Gardiner felt the fury of the Labour heartlands today on LBC Radio.  Appearing on Iain Dale's show, whispering Barry was dismantled by a very angry lifelong Labour voter - James from south Wales.  The exchange exploded when Gardiner tried to suggest that a clean break Brexit was 'right-wing', to which James erupted with fury:  "Are you telling me I'm right-wing?  I voted Labour all my life and I'm a right-wing person?  This is why we in south Wales are going to give you a massive wake-up call on December the 12th.  You are gonna realise south Wales is like Scotland - you've taken us for granted and you've taken us for fools".

What a joy to hear a traditional working class Labour voter call them out on their insidious second referendum false choice of Remain versus Remain.  It's the biggest lie of this Brexit election.

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