Wednesday 4 December 2019


Hapless Labour chairman Ian Lavery has provoked a furious reaction after appearing in a Labour video attacking the Tories over the decline of the coal industry.  Three years ago it was revealed that Lavery received more than £72,000 from the National Union of Mineworkers to subsidise his mortgage.  This loan was later written off by the NUM, but there was much more.  In 2017 an investigation by the Trade Union Certification Officer found that Lavery had in actual fact received a whopping total of £165,000 from the NUM and much of that money had come from a benevolent fund set up by sick miners.  Bear all this in mind as you watch him pour his heart out below without an ounce of shame.

Lavery was confronted about the money he'd taken by the BBC's John Sweeney in 2016 and he is once again facing the same awkward questions thanks to his shameful video.  Michael Crick caught up with him on the campaign trail, but once again Lavery was in no mood to answer the questions.  The man is a disgrace.