Saturday 14 December 2019


An overwhelmingly white middle-class mob descended on Downing Street on Friday evening to protest against the democratically elected government.  Hours after Boris Johnson called for national healing to begin, the leftists took to the streets to express their dissatisfaction that they lost.  Again.

Did this happen in 1997?  2001?  2005?  Of course not.  So is such intolerance endemic of the left, is it a generational thing, or is it a mixture of both?  Clearly, the hard left has a problem because its ideology is routinely rejected in Western democratic votes.  However, older leftists are used to seeing their politics fail and are not riled by failure in the same way as younger leftists.  Most of the people ranting and raving in the streets of our capital were very young and born into the most privileged generation in human history.  They are used to getting what they want.  They've gotten it most of their lives.  They've never known leftist policies in practice and they've been told that the last Labour government were 'red Tory scum'.  The fact that the last Labour government was the most successful in the party's history, primarily because it abandoned hard left values, really should tell them something.

Whether it's Brexit, Scottish independence or Conservative majorities, there appears to be an inability to accept democratic votes in recent years.  Are we now seeing the fruits of that privileged generation, incapable of humility and grace?  One look at this mob, or their disgusting social media posts is enough to give you the answer.  They're not protesting in Durham or Grimsby, they're in London.  These are middle class privileged individuals who have nothing in common with working class Britain.  What's more, the fact that they are echoing the sentiments of their metropolitan elite elders in belittling working class northerners as 'stupid' and 'racist' for backing Tories and/or Brexit shows that they are neither responsible or intelligent enough to understand how to further their aims through democratic means.  This is why they are nothing but a mindless mob.