Tuesday 17 December 2019


Everything that we've been saying for years has been condensed by Paul Joseph Watson into this awesome ten minute video.  Focusing on Labour's latest election humiliation, Watson explores the reasons for it and the moronic inability of the hard left to comprehend why it keeps happening.  All the sad losers are in here - Ash Sarkar, Little Owen, Paul Mason, Femi Izawally, Steve Coogan, Lily Allen and Hugh Grant.  We really ought to stop telling them how they're going wrong, one day they may get the message.  Then again, five minutes on Twitter will tell you that these hateful morons are never going to get the message.  It's on repeat, bring on 2024.

We can't share this video to Facebook because Paul Joseph Watson is banned from that platform, but you can subscribe to his YouTube channel here.  You can subscribe to our channel too while you're at it.