Tuesday 24 December 2019


Lisa Nandy spent Monday visiting former Labour voters in the Nottinghamshire constituency of Ashfield.  There's little doubt that she's gearing up for a leadership campaign with this latest stunt.  Accompanied by the former Labour MP for Ashfield, Nandy was told by one former Labour voter that people didn't want to return to the chaotic 1970s with Corbyn's policies.  Another told her that Labour no longer cared for the north and was now the party of students and inner London.  Watch below.

Gloria De Piero was Ashfield's incumbent going into this election and had a wafer thin majority.  She stood down rather than contest the seat and it turned out to be a wise move.  The Labour vote plummeted and the Tories ended up taking the seat despite haemorrhaging 1,600 votes themselves.  It was a strange place to come to be asking voters why they switched to the Conservatives because in this case most Labour votes were lost to the Ashfield Independents who finished second.

Ashfield general election 2019

Lee Anderson (Con) 19,231 (39.3%) -2.4%
Jason Zadrozny (Ind) 13,498 (27.6%) +18.4%
Natalie Fleet (Lab) 11,971 (24.4%) -18.1%
Martin Daubney (Brexit) 2,501 (5.1%) New
Rebecca Wain (Lib Dem) 1,105 (2.3%) +0.3%
Rose Woods (Green) 674 (1.4%) +0.6%