Wednesday 18 December 2019


Fresh from reportedly berating her party leader last night in a 20 minute tirade, defeated Wakefield MP Mary Creagh took her grievances to the airwaves.  Creagh lashed out at Corbyn in multiple interviews, blaming him for the election disaster and failing to take responsible for it.  Come again?  Talk about someone failing to take responsibility Mary - how about looking a bit closer to home?  You've spent the last three and a half years trying to overturn the 63% Leave vote in your own constituency.  You also accuse Corbyn of 'narcissism'.  How's this for narcissism - campaigning for a second referendum to overturn the first and then going into an election thinking that your Leave voting constituents would meekly return you as their MP?

Abhorrent woman.  PS. if you care so much about your staff, how about sharing around some of that £30,000 'golden goodbye' payout you're going to receive now that you've been voted out?