Friday 13 December 2019


John McDonnell was repeatedly heckled when he addressed his election count in Hayes and Harlington in the early hours of this morning.  A man in a baseball cap yelled "terrorist" and "liar" while others laughed and openly mocked the Quartermaster.  A fight then broke out between several other men.  It's unclear who was involved.  Watch below.

McDonnell saw his majority halved overnight as he haemorrhaged 7,000 votes on a reduced turnout.  The Tories mopped up around 1,500 of those, while the Lib Dems claimed around 2,500.  The Brexit Party could only match what UKIP received in 2017, despite this being a 58% Leave voting seat.

Hayes and Harlington general election 2019

John McDonnell (Lab) 24,545 (55.8%) -10.7%
Wayne Bridges (Con) 15,284 (34.7%) +6.1%
Alexander Cunliffe (Lib Dem) 1,947 (4.4%) +3.2%
Harry Boparai (Brexit) 1,292 (2.9%) New
Christine West (Green) 739 (1.7%) +0.5%
Chika Amadi (Christian) 187 (0.4%) New