Sunday 1 December 2019


Labour are desperately trying to turn an Islamist terror attack into a political point scoring exercise against the government.  Laughably the party of terror is trying to somehow suggest that it would never have happened with them at the helm.  Yet only this morning Jeremy Corbyn told Sky's Sophy Ridge that he didn't believe terrorists should serve a full prison term.

Yvette Cooper also tried to make capital out of Usman Khan's deadly rampage, but was publicly humiliated by the Home Secretary on Twitter.

Priti Patel also lashed out at Corbyn himself.

The truth remains that with Corbyn in Number Ten the terrorist threat would go through the roof.  He would undermine our intelligence services, cut back our armed deterrent, tie the hands of the police and weaken an already limp-wristed judicial system.  Not to mention he would open up our borders allowing the fifth column to grow exponentially!