Thursday 12 December 2019


A Labour activist was told off this morning outside a polling station in the London seat of Chingford & Woodford Green.  Labour candidate Faiza Shaheen is trying to overturn Iain Duncan Smith's narrow majority here and it is one of Labour's top targets in the capital.  The activist was trying to hand out leaflets in breach of electoral law, but sadly the policeman posted to the station didn't see a problem with it.  When he is told that the actions were illegal his response was "Is it?".  Poor show, constable.

1.9 Tellers should not display or distribute election material (e.g. billboards, posters, placards or pamphlets) on walls or around the polling place. Any display of such material should be brought to the attention of the Presiding Officer immediately.
(Electoral Commission) 

Chingford & Woodford Green candidates 2019

Iain Duncan Smith (Con)
Faiza Shaheen (Lab)
Geoffrey Seeff (Lib Dem)

Chingford & Woodford Green general election 2017

Iain Duncan Smith (Con) 23,076 (49.1%) +1.2%
Bilal Mahmood (Lab) 20,638 (43.9%) +15.2%
Deborah Unger (Lib Dem) 2,043 (4.4%) -1.1%
Sinead King (Green) 1,204 (2.6%) -1.7%