Tuesday 3 December 2019


Preston was trending on Twitter on Monday night, although it had more to do with the visit of West Bromwich Albion than anything else.  However, a young Labour councillor managed to get in on the hashtag with a rather daft video in which he appeared to mock some Brexit Party activists in the town.  He found it somehow "ironic" that the party was campaigning outside a German shop.  Many Twitter users were quick to point out that the leader of the Brexit Party is married to a German and were understandably flummoxed as to what his point actually was.

We're not leaving Europe Cllr Bailey - that is physically impossible - we're leaving the political and increasingly colonialist construct of the European Union.  Of course, we're only leaving as long as your party is kept on the opposition benches.

Preston candidates 2019

Mark Hendrick (Lab)
Michele Scott (Con)
Neil Darby (Lib Dem)
Michael Welton (Green)
Rob Sherratt (Brexit)

Preston general election 2017

Mark Hendrick (Lab) 24,210 (68.0%) +12.0%
Kevin Beaty (Con) 8,487 (23.8%) +3.9%
Simon Platt (UKIP) 1,348 (3.8%) -11.6%
Neil Darby (Lib Dem) 1,204 (3.4%) -0.3%
Anne Power (Green) 348 (1.0%) -3.9%

Preston EU referendum 2016

56% Leave